Saturday, October 22, 2005

Andrew Duncan

Andrew began directing music videos in the early 90’s for local independent Vancouver artists, such as; Sex With Nixon, DDT, Noise Therapy and Nickelback

As a member of the Justice Institute of BC’s media department, Andrew worked as an editor on a number of training films and documentaries.

Andrew joined Mainframe Entertainment in 1996, as Supervising Editor, with the mandate of streamlining production methods and developing the role of the AVID editor within Mainframe’s CGI production pipeline. And began directing at Mainframe in 1997, starting on the landmark CGI series REBOOT and has since directed nine 20-minute episodes at Mainframe, on animated series such as Shadow Raiders, Weird-Ohs, Hot Wheels and Action Man

In 2000, Andrew took a hiatus from directing with the goal of developing his writing skills and concentrating on personal projects. During this time Andrew also worked for the Vancouver Film School’s 3D animation program as the Final Project Supervisor and an Industry Mentor for the 3D Scholarship program.

In 2002, Andrew returned to Mainframe to develop and co-directed (with Johnny Darrell) the animated opening sequence for the
2003 MTV Movie Awards, as well as the thirteen nomination sequences used throughout the broadcast.

In 2004, Andrew assumed the role of Series Director for Mattel’s massive four and half hour project, HOT WHEELS - ACCELERACERS
On this project Andrew also worked as story editor, motion capture director, animation director, voice performer and motion capture performer.

Andrew lives in Vancouver with his wife Melanie Snagg (editor) and currently seeks freelance work writing, directing and performing.